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With business operations being carried out by Clients in different countries, Axis has expanded its reach to be able to serve our clients in burgeoning economies in countries such as Thailand, the Indo-China region, Indonesia and all other Asian countries. We maintain very close in-country resources and corporate investigations capabilities in all Asian countries. Our professional associates in each country have been rigorously vetted, are tried and tested and hold to the highest standards of discretion on any project undertaken. 

Each Asian country is unique in its own way and only experienced in-country local resources and operatives can understand the nuances, business methods and culture in their respective countries for maximum results to be produced.

In these rapidly changing post Covid business environment, exclusive intelligence will provide a significant business advantage. An ability to obtain timely and relevant business information combined with a deeper analysis for our clients’ is important for different aspects of business development and performance, such as keeping track with main competitors, undertaking post diligence investments or forming strategic partnerships. Obtaining this edge requires intelligence skills and carefully executed research plans.

Often, commercial disputes and complex risks arise and will require immediate action. There are always risks present such as competitors disguised as allies, hidden agendas, business misrepresentation, dishonest employees in the business environment. Every business sector and industry will have its own unique set of challenges, requirements and expectations.

AXIS handles all the above throughout Asia with deep level investigations across the board.

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