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Axis Consulting & Protection Asia-Pacific Sdn Bhd is a leading risk consulting company, specialising in all levels of corporate and forensics investigations. We provide a broad range of intelligence and analytical information services, helping clients address and mitigate risk and protect business assets.

Axis Consulting & Protection Asia-Pacific Sdn Bhd operate a multi-disciplinary approach to developing business-critical intelligence, combining investigative experience with a deep understanding of the business environment. We draw on a wealth of specialised knowledge, from former senior law enforcement officials to accountants, anti-corruption investigators, cyber forensic specialists and intelligence analysts.


In today’s business environment, more than eighty per cent of company data is stored electronically on computers, servers and handheld devices, with most paper records also likely to have originated from a computer system. The collection and analysis of electronic evidence can be integral to supporting fraud investigations and allegations of systematic theft or resolving other threats to corporate integrity. Regents can help clients access, identify, isolate and analyse data contained on their servers, computers and mobile phones, to ensure a complete and accurate evidence base can be obtained.


The gathering of digital evidence can include accessing current, amended or deleted information such as emails, documents, images or spread sheets, as well as ascertaining when and where documents were changed, or emails sent. Such evidence can trap a fraudster, or unmask an errant employee sending fake emails.

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