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Forensic document examiners are highly-trained experts who can thoroughly analyze handwritten documents, signatures, and other writings to verify their authenticity. In addition, they can help meet the challenges posed by modern technology by examining printed documents – analyzing elements like toner, ink, paper, and print processes. They can even uncover evidence that writing has been altered or erased in the process of creating a forgery.

How Forensic Handwriting Experts Can Help

Just as important, these experts can provide the evidence-supported reports and testimony you need. The best expert forensic analysts are adept at testifying about their findings, providing clear, understandable testimony that explains how they arrive at their conclusions. That testimony can be indispensable in any courtroom, arbitration hearing, or insurance claim process.

What Can Forensic Document Examination Do for You?

Expert forensic examination can be critical for a wide variety of cases and problems. This type of forensic analysis often plays a vital role in cases of medical malpractice. It is widely used for probate, where wills must be validated before the probate process can proceed. It has widespread benefits for commercial litigation, criminal cases, and civil matters. Falsified signatures, forgeries, and other faked documents are more commonplace than most people think, and it usually takes a trained expert to identify and prove their illegitimacy.


Axis Consulting & Protection Asia-Pacific Sdn Bhd forensic experts can also play an invaluable role when you need to prove a document’s veracity in a court of law or other proceeding. Our forensic analysts are also expert witnesses who can testify about handwriting samples, signatures, and printed materials. That expert testimony can often make all the difference in the world when you’re presenting your case before a judge, insurance company, or government agency, so you need to ensure that you are relying on the best forensic analysis team in the industry.

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