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To Protect Your Business, rely on the Proven Experts. With corporate spying on the rise across the globe, your company needs a partner with proven experience in business counterintelligence activities. At Axis Consulting & Protection Asia-Pacific Sdn Bhd, we have the proven track record of success that you need and we are fully committed to helping you protect your invaluable company trade secrets. Don’t wait until your rivals use your own intellectual property against you.

What Is Corporate Espionage?

Many companies assume that they are immune to economic espionage and trust their internal processes to protect valuable trade secrets. The reality, however, is that foreign governments and business entities are increasingly targeting sensitive business data. Those competitors and agencies often seek your business secrets – including valuable intellectual property – to eliminate your competitive edge and obtain an unfair advantage.


This type of espionage shares many similarities to traditional spycraft. Adversaries can use a variety of means to obtain your trade secrets, including:
•    Taking advantage of untrained personnel, who may not realize the damage they are doing when they unwittingly reveal confidential information
•    Exploiting technical vulnerabilities in your computer systems to steal sensitive data
•    Using electronic eavesdropping technology to spy on your business or its executives
•    Gaining access to improperly managed physical documents
•    Physically gathering evidence at your work site

Why You Need Corporate Spying Counterintelligence Services
Recent reports suggest that intellectual property theft by foreign rivals costs businesses globally hundreds of billions of dollars each year – and those estimates are just based on reported theft. Many companies lack the tools and experience needed to identify such thefts and may not even realize that their trade secrets have been compromised. And make no mistake: these thefts have real impact on your business. They allow your business rivals to use your innovation investment against you, making your company less competitive in the long-run. At Axis Consulting & Protection Asia-Pacific Sdn Bhd, our counterintelligence experts can provide your company’s team with invaluable training that will provide them with the tools needed to better protect your corporate secrets. We can also conduct extensive reviews of your firm’s internal information protection processes, as well as other areas of security concern. Our team of experts will also conduct comprehensive counter-espionage investigations where necessary, to help you identify breaches and gather the evidence you need to act against any offenders.

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