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There are many reasons why you might need to find a missing person, including some that may involve suspicious circumstances like kidnapping – a special concern for parents whose children go missing. Other disappearances may be as innocent as a person changing their last name, address, or phone number. Old friends sometimes lose contact with you, move to new addresses, or simply choose to disappear. Children sometimes run away and adults with cognitive difficulties often wander off. One thing is certain, however: when someone you care about disappears, you can’t enjoy true peace of mind until they’re found.

Why the Police Can’t Always Help You Find a Missing Person
When a loved one goes missing, most people turn to the police. Unfortunately, there is often little that law enforcement can do to help, even in case where there is evidence of foul play. To begin with, your loved one needs to be missing for at least 24 hours before the police can even file a report. Unfortunately, that 24-hour delay could be the difference between finding a missing person or losing them forever. Even when they do help, however, that assistance could be subject to limitations on the amount of resources they can expend on any one missing persons case.


How a Missing Persons Private Investigator Can Help
Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on the police as your sole solution for finding a missing person. A trained missing persons detective can conduct the timely, thorough investigation needed to expedite any search for your loved one. Utilizing database searches, surveillance, social media tools, and a network of investigative resources, we can help you in your efforts to locate:
•    Runaway teenagers
•    Missing spouses
•    Children who have been abducted by friends, relatives, and others
•    Loved ones who may suffer from dementia or other cognitive disorders
•    Ex-spouses who may be unlawfully keeping you from your children
•    Old boyfriends, girlfriends, and others you’ve lost track of over time.

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