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Our Backbone

Our core team is made up of very skilled professionals and experienced business practitioners. Our directors and core management team are from diverse business and government backgrounds with experience over many years encompassing law enforcement, insurance, finance, industry, technical areas and security. Any case or project undertaken by us is directed by our key management personnel, who are aided by our team of well-trained investigators who are experienced in surveillance, covert approaches, general investigations and a full range of cyber forensic capabilities.


Managing Director

Dalip has been involved in Corporate Investigations conducted on a global basis. He has managed numerous projects over a period of 28 years for multi-national, public listed and international clients. He is a graduate of the Australian Insurance Institute, Melbourne. He has worked on projects for confidential corporate matters requiring due diligence, corporate and financial fraud, patent infringement, product theft, warehouse inventory losses, asset tracing, competitor analysis and related confidential business issues. He has also travelled extensively and worked on projects related to investigations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Portugal, Holland, Germany, UK and Russia. He had previously worked for several years with the Control Risks Group of the UK, from their Asia Pacific office in Singapore and also for ArmorGroup International from the UK and Bangkok


Business Planning & Operations Director

Syed has 35 years of Marketing and Consultancy experience that spans across North America, Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. His past experience with Colgate Palmolive as a Global Expatriate is a solid platform to his consultancy in Strategic Business Planning & Development and developing investigative based solutions for clients.  His areas of work experiences spans from Marketing, New Products Development, Acquisition and Change Management for companies.


Intelligence Director

Carl holds a Degree in Commerce, Majoring in Finance and has worked in the finance sector, corporate companies and later worked in security and investigation services. He is a critical thinker and is best at crisis advice and strategic planning involving any particular situation. With experiencing in different fields, he spearheads our Client Relations and Business Management divisions.


Forensics Investigations Consultant

Amidon is a retired Senior Police Officer and had served for three decades as a famous crime buster. He is a pioneer in Forensic Science in Malaysia and also in CSI investigations. Amidon had set up the Forensics crime lab at Malaysian Police HQ. Whilst in the Police Force, he was involved in many landmark and high-profile criminal cases requiring specialist and investigative forensic services. He was Head of Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) at Malaysian Police Headquarters for several years.


HR Investigations & Corporate Research

Chahal is a seasoned HR practitioner with extensive experience across various industries where his roles within the Organisations have mainly been to ensure the translation of the Companies' goals and strategies into specific activities. Having an in-depth knowledge of Business Process Re-engineering, Chahal has acted as the catalyst in ensuring the evolution of new Corporate cultures within Companies across various industries. In particular, he is also very well versed with those areas of HR which require in-depth investigative techniques especially during the conduct of internal company inquiries.
Having nearly 40 years of experience with some of the largest Conglomerates in the country, Chahal is well placed to provide sound practical advice on all aspects of Human Resource Management – both strategic, operational and investigative. As a Principal Consultant, Chahal has been directly involved in all aspects of these  initiatives for various Clients across a number of industries


Senior Consultant

Annuar comes from the Insurance industry and is experienced in having handled several insurance related fraud investigations, apart from having been involved in various other types of investigations on the ground over the years. He has in the past also worked in different business sectors in the area of his expertise. He acts in a consulting role with Axis and deals primarily on marketing areas with corporate clients. Annuar is also involved in the assessment of new investigation projects. He is very experienced in interview techniques when thee is such a need as in compliance based investigations.


Investigations Director

Daniel is skilled at having handled numerous IP and Brand protection investigations over the past 30 years. He had worked with the Recording Industry of Malaysia as well as the Malaysian branch of the Int’l Federation of Liquor Producers. He has conducted teams to uncover illegal markets and fake products over the years. He has also conducted various projects on corporate fraud, copyright infringement, asset tracing, threats to company property & reputation, amongst other confidential issues. He manages a team of specialist surveillance operatives for different types of assignments and maintains very good levels of contacts in Govt. agencies
such as the police, Ministry of Trade, Customs and other enforcement agencies.


Corporate & Legal Research

Balraj is an LLB graduate and has worked within the Malaysian legal sector for 25 years. He has experience in many areas of civil and criminal litigation work and has handled cases for several major clients through his own legal practice. Balraj is the in-house Legal Consultant for AXIS and advises us on all relevant legal issues concerning corporate and personal investigations and ethical areas.


Senior Corporate Consultant

Sree is an Engineering graduate and had in the past worked in different business sectors in the area of his expertise. He acts in a consulting role with Axis and deals mainly on marketing and “first meeting” issues with corporate and high net worth clients. Sree also specializes in assessing of new investigation projects and also the overseeing of new project proposals. He is also skilled and experienced in interview techniques to determine employee integrity issues.


Operations Director

Bob has been a Senior Business practitioner for the past 28 years and has extensive contacts within business and law enforcement circles in Malaysia and the Region. He has over the past few years been involved in many aspects of investigative-based research including assessing corporate fraud issues, undercover operations and implementing state-of-the art security systems.


Axis Country Representative – Thailand & Indo-China

Terry graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University (Bangkok) in 1980 with a BA in Political Science and in 1985 he earned a certificate in Special Investigations from the Thai National Intelligence Agency (NIA). Terry has worked with Thai Government agencies as a Special Investigations Officer, with the Officer of the Prime Minister, a Special Investigator in the narcotics division of the NIA and was a Liaison Officer assisting criminal investigations in coordination with foreign intelligence agencies working for the embassies of the United States of America and Australia in Bangkok. In the private sector, Terry has worked as a senior insurance investigator for multiple insurance companies including American International Assurance, Cunningham IAP, Inter Loss Adjusters, Cigna Insurance, Krungthai AXA Life Insurance, Ayudhya CMG Life Insurance, and Nationwide Life Insurance. His overall investigative skills and contacts in government and the private sector in Thailand and Indo-China countries are invaluable assets to our team.


Senior Investigations Manager

Raymond has worked within the area of business & investigations for several years on various projects covering corporate and financial fraud, copyright infringement, asset tracking and related confidential issues. He is very familiar with issues related to undercover operations, having case managed several successful projects and manages a team of specialist surveillance operatives in this regard.  Raymond has worked on projects locally relating to several multinational clients from within the Asia-Pacific region.

For more information about the Axis Consulting & Protection Asia-Pacific Sdn Bhd team, please get in touch.

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