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Online dating was once a rarity, especially in the early days of the internet revolution. As that technology became more commonplace and social media dating sites increased in number, more and more people began to date and find love online. Along with that increase in online romance, however, many have also encountered online dating scams, with many of those frauds originating at international dating sites. Sadly, some victims only learn about the fraud after they’ve lost money, or -even worse – married their online partner. Fortunately, you can minimize that risk with effective premarital screening and verification from Axis Consulting & Protection Asia-Pacific Sdn Bhd

International Dating Site Scams Are Real
As human beings, we all want to be loved. But what happens when unscrupulous actors take advantage of that basic human need and leverage that desire for fraudulent purposes? The answer is simple: online romance and dating site scams. This fraud is among the fastest growing criminal activities on the internet and can be virtually impossible for the average layperson to identify without help. The scammers know this and are counting on you to trust them.
The fact is that every dating site out there is vulnerable to fraud at some level. After all, there are reportedly hundreds of millions of people interacting on these romance sites. What are the odds that everyone on every site is who they claim to be? You can be all but certain that there are fraudsters, people with dangerous criminal histories, and other questionable personal characteristics on virtually every dating site.

Do You Need to Conduct an Online Dating Background Check?
If you are currently engaged in online dating, have a serious online relationship with someone, or are considering marrying someone you’ve only met online, you should consider an online dating background check on that person. While trust is a key component of any healthy relationship, online matches are too risky to trust without verification first. Axis Consulting & Protection Asia-Pacific Sdn Bhd background checks can provide the reliable information you need to verify that your online romantic interest is who he or she claims to be. We can also verify key details like address, education and career path, potential criminal history, and current or past marriage records.

Protect Yourself with Effective Dating and Premarital Background Checks
Romance and love are wonderful things, but not at the expense of your personal and financial wellbeing. Axis Consulting & Protection Asia-Pacific Sdn Bhd is committed to helping you ensure that your online dating activities don’t leave you vulnerable to potential fraud or abuse. Give us a call today to learn how our background investigations can provide the answers you need for true peace of mind.

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