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Surveillance, Investigation, Research, Child Support, Child Custody, Domestic, Insurance, Cheating Spouse, Fraud, Locate, Harassment, More...


*Minimum new case is 3 hours. We do not charge a retainer or report time, and usually, there's no charge for travel time. 


*Select hours by clicking the dropdown box and choose hours and if GPS is needed.


Click HERE for in-depth samples of the types of cases we service. 

No matter what your Investigation or Surveillance need is, our observation of a person, place, or object, will be well documented, precise, reliable, and will remain confidential. 


  1. Background Report for appropriate Subject is include
  2. Video, Photo, and Audio provided when available 
  3. Complete investigation report provided when service is completed
  4. Confidential, Secure, Respectful 
  5. A password protected file folder is provided to each client so they know exactly what is happening at all times with their case. 


We do not charge for:

  1. Background Report on the Subject for surveillance cases
  2. Mileage under 100 km (1 hour charge per 100 km traveled after that)
  3. Report Time
  4. Travel Time 
  5. Food, tolls, office supplies, etc.


Pricing From:

  • 1-7 Hours RM135.00 to RM145.00 per hour
  • 8-16 Hours RM120.00 to RM130.00 per hour
  • 17-20 Hours RM115.00 to RM125.00 per hour
  • 24 Hours RM110.00 to RM120.00 per hour
  • 48 Hours RM99.00 to RM115.00 per hour


*We do not allow for more than 48 hours purchased at a time so we can ensure we are in contact with our customers and they know what is going on.


*Important, we do not bill our clients, they pay for the services they need, without a retainer. 


Any extra charges would be for pre-approved items like air or hotel that the client knows and requests. 


We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for our clients. Expedited service available.


*Minimum 2 hours used for each surveillance outing unless agent stops investigation/surveillance per their request if things do not seem to be productive. This usually is when we do not think the correct location or good surveillance can be had.


*There is an hour service charge for each 125 km each agent drives. There is no charge for cases where less than 125 km are driven per that surveillance schedule per agent. In short, most cases will not be charged this time. However, for long drives, the agents have vehicle costs such as fuel, oil, tyre, and other costs associated with long drives.  

Investigation & Surveillance as low as RM180 per hour

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