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Bug Sweeping

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As the use of technology in the workplace increases, organisations become increasingly at risk from information leaks and the theft of Intellectual Property. If your organisation has recently been part of a large change such as an acquisition or sale, bidding for a contract or suffered from a predatory takeover or a new competitor, can you be confident that no crucial company information has been leaked to an outside party?

Leaks in Intellectual Property
Leaks in Intellectual Property can occur in any number of ways, from the traditional dumpster search for torn or discarded documents and compromised employees, to the more recent techniques of social network monitoring and illicitly installed listening devices. It is all too easy for your company information to end up in the wrong hands.
If you suspect that you have been a target of Data theft, halting the information leakage and reinforcing security should be immediate priorities.
Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM) is often the first port of call for organisations who believe themselves to be compromised. This can include bug-sweeping or counter surveillance, reviewing communications and IT security, and reassessing the physical security measures in place.

Our Approach
At Axis, we strive to ensure that we fully understand your business, from the industry you work in to your own specific operations, from facilities and layouts to corporate governance and data structures. We prepare a threat and vulnerability evaluation of your business to help you allocate resources that will detect and prevent future incursions. We provide a professional evaluation of your technical security, and consider which areas of your organisation are the most vulnerable.
Where necessary, we conduct a sweep for listening devices in your facilities. These sweeps can be arranged outside out of business hours to avoid the removal or eradication of evidence. The sweep will focus on vulnerable areas such as private offices, board rooms and meeting rooms, and use expert equipment to analyse radio frequencies and carry out physical inspections.
Axis provides a detailed reports of any devices found, along with recommendations of how to counter future threats.

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