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Fraudulent workman’s compensation claims can directly harm your business. They can cause unwarranted insurance rate increases, impact your productivity, and create strife and turmoil in the workplace. And while legitimate workplace-related injuries and illnesses should be respected, fraudulent claims are too common to be ignored. The good news is that competent, experienced investigators have the expertise and skills needed to identify fraud and gather the evidence you need to successfully challenge fraudulent compensation claims.

Workman’s Compensation Investigations and What They Look For
Few companies have the in-house resources to conduct effective compensation investigations on their own. That’s why so many firms have relied on the professionals at Axis Consulting & Protection As-a-Pacific to help them properly investigate suspicious claims to ensure that workman’s compensation insurance payments are only delivered to deserving recipients. But what do these investigations look for to prove or disprove a specific claim? At Axis Consulting & Protection Asia-Pacific, our investigators will:
•    Investigate the claimant’s story. In most fraudulent claims, the employee will have no witnesses to the injury, or will provide inconsistent details when describing the incident.
•    Check for any history of compensation claims made by the employee in the past. In many instances, these claimants develop a pattern of such behavior over time.
•    Conduct surveillance in a discreet way, capturing video evidence in accordance with state law. If your employee is faking an injury or illness, we will gather the evidence you need to prove it.
•    Provide a comprehensive report to bolster the surveillance evidence, providing you with everything you need to contest a fraudulent claim.

The Workman’s Compensation Private Investigator You Need
Workman’s compensation fraud is a serious matter and can negatively impact employers and legitimate claimants. It can also be a crime that can carry serious fines and even jail time, as well as an order to repay any inappropriately-received compensation. If your company suspects that an employee’s workman’s compensation claim is illegitimate, you need a professional workman’s compensation investigation to successfully contest the claim.

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