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Tailor-made solutions based on high-quality intelligence, cutting-edge technology, unique expertise and out-of-the-box thinking

We are an agency specializing in investigation and solutions for a broad range of Business issues. These issues are usually Confidential Corporate Services, Fraud Detection, Intellectual Property Protection, Cyber Security, Due Diligence, Business Intel & Asset Tracing and even Personal/Family issues.

These solutions are usually made by conferring with industrial experts for high-quality intelligence to meet our client’s specific desired outcomes.  At our disposal is also the latest in surveillance technology including stealth drones and long-range camera’s etc.

The Core team consists of multi-disciplined personnel with experience in law enforcement, private investigation and various other industry-specific areas. We are further supported by senior and experienced industry/country experts who provide us with key insights of the industry in various ASEAN countries.  This enables us to plan and deliver the project with industry specific “Know How” in all the countries we operate.


At Axis Consulting & Protection Asia-Pacific Sdn Bhd, we conduct investigations into insurance and financial fraud, theft & ‘Kick-backs”, personal injury claims, and more. We also investigate corporate risk issues helping you to protect vital business secrets such as intellectual property and detect as well as prevent internal and external business threats.

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