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There are good actors and bad actors in every country around the world, but it is sometimes difficult to determine the facts without doing proper due diligence first. When your company needs to do accurate international due diligence to minimize risk during business ventures overseas, you need an experienced partner who can provide thorough and accurate investigations that answer your most pressing questions.

Conducting Key Investigations in Other Countries
Proper due diligence protects your company from unforeseen liability, fraud, and other associated risks. Investigative-based due diligence requires more than just verifying a foreign company’s leadership team and assets, however. To fully protect your company’s interests, you need a more in-depth look into the company’s business history, practices, and current operations. You also need comprehensive background checks on its leadership team and even its most prominent shareholders, including hidden litigation data which may impact a potential financial investment.
This is where we come in. Our experts are familiar with the world and have extensive overseas contacts and resources – with a specialization in conducting due diligence investigations within any part of the Asia Pacific region. Contact us today for more information about how we can meet your due diligence needs.

Verifying Online and Offline Opportunities
Modern technology has made fraud easier than ever. For most fraudsters, a few fake documents, a manufactured history, and a hastily constructed website are all that’s needed to pose as a legitimate company and business opportunity. Few real businesses have the time or resources needed to completely vet foreign companies to determine their legitimacy or potential for real investment opportunity. Even legitimate companies may conceal important facts or misrepresent themselves to make their companies more attractive to potential investors or buyers.
As one of the foremost due diligence companies in the region, Axis Consulting & Protection Asia-Pacific Sdn Bhd has the experience and expertise needed to provide you with comprehensive investigations that get the answers you deserve. We can verify key facts, obtain real evidence, and help you screen for fraud to minimize your company’s risk. Our goal is to provide you with the facts you need to ensure that your international mergers, acquisitions, and investments are based on the most accurate and useful information available.

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