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Insurance fraud occurs with alarming regularity throughout Malaysia. No matter the type of insurance coverage, there will always be people who try to defraud Insurance companies and providers to get payouts they do not deserve. Sadly, however, far too many instances of fraud go undiscovered – allowing perpetrators to get away with their crimes. And make no mistake: insurance fraud is a rising crime.

Helping You Identify Fraud
Axis Consulting & Protection Asia-Pacific Sdn Bhd investigators use a full range of investigative tools and techniques to help your company more effectively deter fraud and protect your interests.


Those tools and techniques include:
•    Private detective surveillance to monitor claimants and expose potential fraud.
•    The use of experienced investigators trained to analyze relevant data and details to identify potential discrepancies, inconsistencies, and other suspicious information that could indicate fraudulent activity.
•    Experience using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to covertly capture photographic, audio, and video evidence to support your case. We understand that courts and law enforcement need solid evidence to hold offenders accountable, and we have the skills and expertise required to gather the evidence you need. Don’t sit by and allow false insurance claims to impact your business. Our team of licensed, highly-trained experts can help you disprove false claims and avoid potential higher insurance rate costs and other expenses.

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